Stricter border measures to prevent the spread of COVID-19

As of Friday February 19th 2021 stricter border measures will be adopted in Iceland. Minister of Health Svandís Svavarsdóttir states that the suggestions of Chief Epidemiologists Þórólfur Guðnason to this effect have been approved. The new rules will be in effect through April 30. Everyone arriving in Iceland will be required to present a certificate, … Read more

Travel to and within Iceland

As of today (January 15th 2021) all passengers coming to Iceland have to undergo two tests for COVID-19 with a 5-day quarantine interval between tests until the result of the second test have been discovered. Children born in 2005 or later are exempt from testing but as from Wednesday, 13 January 2021, they are required … Read more

The Icelandic horse

When the first settlers arrived some 1100 years ago they brought with them some life stock. Among them some Scandinavian horses. Our Icelandic horse is not very tall but he is strong, healthy, resilient and weather sealed. The Icelandic horse is very famous for good temper and welcoming character. The horses are friendly, adventurous, smart … Read more

Is it safe to travel to Iceland?

Is it safe to travel to Iceland? The big question is whether this summer travel may still be possible. Many countries in of the western world are beginning to emerge from lock down and lifting travel ban and ease corona virus restrictions. The pressure is from the economy and people desperately need to get back … Read more

Travel ban in Iceland – Covid19

Latest Update May 12, 2020   Yes I am sorry to say there is a travel ban in Iceland like in many other countries. The Icelandic government has implemented the travel restrictions imposed for the Schengen Area and the European Union. As of 20 March 2020, foreign Nationals – except EU/EEA, EFTA or UK nationals … Read more

Driving in Iceland

The Icelandic road system is extensive and easy to navigate and easily accessible by car. The Ring Road is the most traveled road, as it runs in a circle around the country and takes you to the most popular attractions and landmarks You need to know about these six things regarding driving in Iceland. Off-road … Read more

COVID-19 is in Iceland

COVID-19 is in Iceland like everywhere else in the world and we are fighting to isolate it as much as possible. All Icelandic travelers coming home will be in isolation for 14 days from arrival. Visitors do not need to be isolated but there are not many visitors coming at the moment. All the workers … Read more

Swimming in Reykjavik

Geothermal water is one of Iceland‘s greatest natural resources. It‘s used to heat houses and produce electricity. But most importantly, Icelanders love to swim in it. Pools and Spas have been a huge part of the Icelandic lifestyle, ever since the country‘s settlement. One of the most famous hot tube of history belonged to Snorri … Read more