How to get around in Reykjavik


From and to The Keflavik Airport Most of our visitors fly in to Keflavik Airport called Leif Eriksson Airport. You can read about Leif Eiriksson at a later time on my website. The airport bus service is the most straight-forward option for transfers between the airport and Reykjavik, taking you from the airport to the … Read more

What’s On in Reykjavik – Iceland Events 2020

January Þrettándinn – Twelfth Night The last day of Christmas with another round of bonfires and the rest of the fireworks is fired of. Icelandic Photography Festival An exciting festival with photography exhibitions, artist talks and lectures, portfolio reviews and photo-book evening. Reykjavik International Games The city of Reykjavik welcomes sports participants to a multi-sport … Read more

When are the Northern Lights visible?

The Northern Lights are natural phenomenon and they do not appear on a fixed schedule. Also, because the lights appear in the thermosphere, above the clouds, they can’t be seen on cloudy nights. A Northern Lights sighting is never guaranteed but if you follow these steps, you have more changes to see the sky glow … Read more


Reykjavík is the capital city of Iceland. Ingólfur Arnarsson is said to be the first permanent Norse settler of Iceland, along with his family. He threw his high-seat posts overboard and said he would settle wherever his posts washed ashore in accordance with the will of his God. The posts were finally found in a … Read more


We are at the top of the world in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean between Greenland, the Foroe Islands and Norway, and we are not so far from Scotland and England. Iceland is often called the land of Ice and Fire. We touch the Arctic Circle in the north and on the island Grímsey, … Read more

About Me

Hello and welcome to my website.   Þórhallur That is how my name is written in Icelandic. Þór is the name of the God Thor and halIur means palace and therefore the name Thorhallur as it is written in English means the Palace of Thor. Me and my family live in Reykjavik Iceland and we … Read more