How to get around in Reykjavik

From and to The Keflavik Airport

Most of our visitors fly in to Keflavik Airport called Leif Eriksson Airport. You can read about Leif Eiriksson at a later time on my website.

The airport bus service is the most straight-forward option for transfers between the airport and Reykjavik, taking you from the airport to the down town bus BSÍ terminal or for added fee, straight to your hotel. You can also grab a taxi that takes you from door to door, expecially if you’re in a large group.

Driving time through the mossy lava fields of Reykjanes peninsula to the capital is about 50 mínutes, There are no trains in Iceland.


Reykjavik Excursion

Tel. +(354) 580 5400

Website Reykjavik Excursion


Flybus (Flugrútan)

Tel. +(354) 580 5400

Website Flybus

Airport Express

Tel. +(354) 540 1313

Website Airportexpress


Tel. +(354) 497-8000

Website Airportdirect

Taxi in Reykjavik

You can get a taxi by calling a taxi company or by going to a taxi stand. During the day, taxis are stationed by many major hotels and popular attractions. At night, after the buses stop running, taxis are stationed downtown, taking people home after a night out. Taxis in Iceland accept both cash and cards.


Tel. +(354) 588 5522

Website Hreyfill

Bifreiðastöð Reykjavíkur

Tel. +(354) 561 0000

Website BSR

Day Tour Pick-up / Drop-Off Points

To keep Reykjavik’s center safe and clean, big tour buses are not allowed to drive just anywhere. Therefore, if you’ve booked a day tour or airport transfer, your bus will leave from a designated pick-up point. These bright pink and blue bus stops are easily accessible. You should find one near your accommodation in the city center.

You can find an overview of the pick-up/drop-off points on bus

City Bus (Strætó)

The city bus is the most common form of public transportation in Reykjavik and the instantly recognizable yellow buses should be able to take you anywhere you need to go, within and outside the city limits.

Bus maps are available at bus stations and tourist information centers. Most bus stops also include a route map. You can go to or download the Strætó mobile app and get precise directions about which buses to take as well as a live map showing the exact location of every bus in the city.

The operating hours are from 6:30/7:00 until midnight, except on Sundays and holidays, when it runs from 11:30/12:00 until midnight. There is no bus service on Good Friday, Easter, Christmas and a New Year´s Day.

The night bus system consists of six routs that operate hourly after midnight on weekend. The buses will take passengers out of the city center and into all major neighborhoods in Reykjavik, but it won’t take passengers their way back into the city center. The night bus runs until 4:30

A single trip costs ISK 430 (ISK 240 for senior citizen) and can be bought from the drive (who does not give change) or through the mobile app. Night fare costs- ISK 940.

If you need to change buses, remember to ask the drive for a transfer ticket (skiptimiði)

If you buy the City Card you receive free entry to a great selection of museums and galleries, all swimming pools in Reykjavik and free unlimited travel by bus within Reykjavik City. You can buy it here


Going out of town

The city buses also run to some of the larger towns in the countryside. For destinations, routes and schedules, consult or download the Strætó app and use that.

Prices and frequency of departure vary, depending of your destination. Tickets can be bought through the mobile app Strætó or on the bus and buses leaving the city accept cash, credit card or bus tickets. The buses have WiFi and electric sockets so you can charge your phone.

Bus rides out of the city are dependent of the weather so be sure to consult the forecast, especially if you are traveling in winter.

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