What’s On in Reykjavik – Iceland Events 2020


Þrettándinn – Twelfth Night

The last day of Christmas with another round of bonfires and the rest of the fireworks is fired of.

Icelandic Photography Festival

An exciting festival with photography exhibitions, artist talks and lectures, portfolio reviews and photo-book evening.

Reykjavik International Games

The city of Reykjavik welcomes sports participants to a multi-sport competition in Laugardalur every year in January/February

The 2020 Reykjavik International Games takes place from January 23rd to February 2nd. The competition was divided into two weekends. This is a yearly event.

The Dark Music Days

The annual contemporary music festival Dark Music Days is becoming an increasingly popular music event.

The Iceland Composer Society holds the festival in collaboration with of Iceland’s´s finest performers.


Every winter, Icelanders celebrate the annual Þorrablót, There’s singing, dancing and of course the consumption of traditional Icelandic food like smoked lamb, signed sheep heads and fermented shark.


Winter Lights festival

The event is intended to stimulate enliven city life in midwinter. It celebrates both the winter and the growing light after a long period of darkness.

All the major cultural and educational institutions participate and clubs, galleries, artists, shops, restaurants and many more join the fun.

Museum Night

Reykjavik’s museum stay open past midnight and offer special events, including theater, street performance, dance, visual arts and more.

A special Museum Night bus travels between the museums and entrance is free of charge.

Annual Bear Festival

The Icelandic annual Icelandic Beer festival organized at Kex Hostel, celebrates the end of the prohibition in Iceland.

Now beer is Iceland’s favorite drink with exciting breweries popping up all over the country.

The Annual Icelandic Beer Festival aims to bring these breweries and other international breweries together, and to offer them the opportunity to introduce their products.

Reykjavik Cocktail Weekend

Association in cooperation with many bars and restaurants in Reykjavik, hosts the annual Reykjavik Cocktaiel Weekend. There are several events such as concerts, live music and offers on drinks.

Rainbow Reykjavik

A small and friendly winter pride festival offering a mixture of nature, activities, culture, cuisine, music and nightlife.

Stockfish Film Festival

The festival screens some of the most up-and-comming art house films in the world and invites international filmmakers to discuss the state of film making, the industry and the community.

Reykjavik peace festival

The goal of the festival is to bring choirs from around the world to sing together in union for peace on earth. Every voice in the world is asked to join and sing John Lennon’s song Love.



DesignMarch is a festival celebrating Icelandic design in all its forms. From fashion to furniture, architecture to food design. The festival presents the best of the local design scene alongside exciting international names.

Food and Fun

World’s finest chefs collaborate with Reykjavik´s finest restaurants where they prepare special menu crafted from Icelandic ingredients. The menu is presented at all the restaurants for an entire week.

Reykjavik Folk Music Festival

A three-day musical feast celebrating the diversity of the Icelandic folk music scene. The artists are of all ages. You can listen musical outpourings of woe and wonder from contemporary bands, and then be transported back in time to listen to the wonderful soundtrack and musical stories of times gone by.

Reykjavik Fasion Festival

The cream of Icelandic fashion talent has joined forces with bright sparks on the music scene to revitalize the establishment and popular Reykjavik Fasion Festival.

German Film Days

The German film days are organized by Bíó Paradís in cooperation with the Goethe Institut Denmark and the German Embassy in Iceland.

Reykjavik Blues Festival

Blues artist from around the world perform together in some of the unique jam session in the northern hemisphere along with young and promising blues artist of the future.


Sónar Reykjavik

An international festival of advanced music and new media art. The festival presents the current electronic musical landscape and its interactions with other artistic disciplines. Sónar brings together established artist and emerging talent.

Icelandic Music Experiments

Icelandic version of the battle of the bands. This grassroots music event has produced some of Icelandic most popular musicians through the years.

Iceland Writers Retreat

The retreat features small work groups and panels by renowned authors, focusing on the art and craft of writing.

At Home Music Festival

A music festival held in private homes centrally located in Hafnafjörður. Guests stroll from house to house to enjoy live music and meet up with locals at their own homes.

Bright Days in Hafnarfjörður

The Hafnarfjörður arts and cultural festival Bright Days is held annually. The aim of Bright Days is to provide entertainment for locals and visitors, and promote Hafnarfjöðru arts and artists. The varied program offers something for everyone.

First Day of Summer

The optimistic summer celebration is celebrated with parades, family events and smiles all around, regardless of whether it snows or not.

Children’s Culture Festival

Children’s culture, culture for children and culture with children. These are the three main aspects of this festival. The festival features plenty of events aimed at children up to 16 years of age.

Reykjavik Horse Festival

The Reykjavik Horse Festival is the city’s celebration of the unique Icelandic horse, bred in isolation for a millennium. The focus is on the Icelandic horse and its unique features.


Art Without Borders

The festival celebrates diversity and participation of people with disabilities. The festival crosses over mixed media of art, music and theater.


The main aim of the festival is to boost grassroots Icelandic electronic arts by introducing the youngest generation as well as the public to the past, present and the future of electronic arts. It aims to present the newest in electronic art technology, creation and performance, and therefore be an inspiration for further creativity.


Festival of the Sea

Fishermen’s´s day celebrated the first Sunday of June, reminds us of how important the sea and the sailors are to our history, our economy, and our people. Every ship in Iceland is in harbor and sailors have a day off.

The Color Run

Update do to Covid-19

The Color Run 2020 has been postponed until September 5th. Here is more detail

Run through 5Km of exploding colored powder, ending your run in a colorful outdoor party. The aim of this event is to bring Color Run mania to the world.


The Suzuki Midnight Run

Suzuki Midnight Sun Run 2020 that takes place on the evening of the 25th of June, 2020. Everyone can participate. You can sign up for Half marathon, 10Km  or 5 Km.

Runners participating in all three distances will start running at the street Engjavegur and finish by the old laundry springs in Laugardalur.  Laugardalur is in full bloom by this time of year. The course is measured by certified AIMS measure and accredited by the Iclandic Athletic Federation.

Close by the start and finish area is one of the city’s wonderful geothermal outdoor swimming pool Laugardalslaug.  All participant are invited to the swimming pool, hot tubs, and steam baths after the race.


Viking Festival in Hafnarfjörður

Viking village in Hafnarfjörður hosts a solstice festival with viking clothing, instruments, jewelry, crafts and of course food and drink. On the program are Viking fights, storytelling, archery and so much more.

Reykjavik Mid Summer Music

Reykjavik Midsummer Music is an award-winning chamber music festival founded by pianist Víkingur Ólafsson in 2012. The festival goal is to bring some of the best musicians of the world together in Reykjavik to play great music, from past and present under the arctic midnight sun.

National Day

June 17th is the National Day of Iceland. It has been celebrated since Iceland´s independence 1944. The festival includes colorful parades, street theater, music and dancing.

Secret Solstice

The Secret Solstice festival started 2014. As the name suggest the festival takes place during the solstice meaning the sun stays up all night long.

Reykjavik Fringe Festival

Fringe Festival crosses genres and borders. It´packed with entertainment that’ll make the audience think about the world in a new way. Their motto ? Playful, adventurous, daring, poetry burlesque, street performance, installation art, mobile art or any other form of artistry. Fringe Festival is the place to be.

International Organ Summer

Hallgrímskirkja church hosts a series of organ concerts on Thursdays, Saturdays and Sundays, all summer long. Various musicians perform various pieces of organ music on the beautiful Klais organ.

Reykjavik Classics

Reykjavik Classics concerts take place at noon every day for the whole summer in the beautiful Eldborg auditorium in the iconic Harpa Concert Hall. The concerts are specially designed to meet the demands of those who wish to listen to live performance of classical music, performed by artists of the highest caliber.

Ingólfshátíð Viking Festival

Austurvöllur park is transformed from modern to medieval as the Einherjar Vikings, dressed in full costume and character invite fellow vikings from all over the world to enjoy a day of celebrating the fascinating cultural heritage of the Vikings.


Innipúki Festival

Innipúkinn is an annual music festival held in Reykjavik during the August bank holiday weekend. This festival is for the people who do not travel to open air venues around the country on this weekend.

Reykjavik Pride

Tens of thousands of people flock to the city every year to show solidarity and have fun with the gay community in Reykjavik and to celebrate and support human rights for all.

Icelandic Chamber Music Festival

The aim for this festival is for young musicants to participate in chamber music and to get a change to perform and interact. Located in Kópavogur, concert Hall Salurinn serves as perfect venue for over a hundred musicians and music students from all over the world.

Reykjavik Culture Night

Is like Reykjavik’s birthday and has become an essential part of cultural life in Iceland with thousands of people enjoying everything from traditional shows and exhibitions to more unusual happening.

Reykjavik Marathon

This annual event involves thousands of participants from Iceland and abroad, and includes the marathon proper, half-marathon, a 10Km run and a 3Km fun run.

Reykjavik Dance Festival

A series of events bringing together numerous choreographers and dancers from Icelandic dance scene. The festival features diversity of energetic events, all aiming to expand the notion of choreography through innovation and expression with numerous seminars, dinners, workshops, publications, cyberpunk dance sessions -, and open epic performances.


Bears on Ice

Organized by volunteers to spice up local gay scene and introduce gay-friendly Iceland to guests. It is one of Iceland´s three biggest gay events, and in recent years -, Iceland´s only men-only events.

Icelandic Tattoo EXPO

Tattoo artist from all over the world gather in Reykjavik for one weekend showing off their skills in the art of tattooing.

Reykjavik Jass Festival

The annual Reykjavik Jass festival is an increasingly prestigious event on the international Jass scene. It features many acclaimed international jass players as well as Icelandic leading jass musicants.

Midgard Convention

The Midgard Convention is Iceland´s all-inclusive fan convention, focusing on video games, board games, cosplay, tabletop games, comics, artists, movies and books. It will be an action packed weekend, filled with exhibitions, vendors, artists, panel discussions, workshops and interviews.

Reykjavik International Film Festival – RIFF

RIFF was founded in 2004 with the aim of enriching and enlivening the local film culture. It has since become an international attraction, showcasing every year some of the most interesting films produced all over the world. RIFF´s grand prize is the Golden Puffin.

Reykjavik Guitarama

Several of the world greatest guitar players join the host, Björn Thoroddsen on stage in Háskólabíó to show audiences all the trick the guitar has to offer.

Russian Film Day

The best of Russian cinematography is showcased at the downtown Reykjavik art house cinema, BÍÓ Paradís. Films are screened in original Russian with English subtitles. A selection of award-winning films mixed with current Russian cinema are shown.



Icecon is a science fiction fantasy, horror and comics fan convention. The program is in English and mostly literature oriented, but a range of subjects will be discussed.

Iceland Airwaves

The festival started as a showcase for local DJ’s but has evolved into an international music festival that presents the hottest new bands from the USA, Europe and Iceland. The festival attracts thousands of international visitors annually to sample the freshest sounds foreign and domestic.

Imagine Peace Tower Ceremony

A work of art by Yoko Ono dedicated to the memory of John Lennon. It is a wishing well, from which a strong and tall tower of light emerges, Every year the Imagine Peace Tower stays lit between Lennon’s´s birthday and the day of his death.

Cycle Music and Art Festival

The festival is a new platform for exploring and exhibiting the meeting point of creative worlds, and producing and presenting works that reach outside the traditional boundaries of discipline, craft and process.


Iceland Noir

Iceland Noir is a mystery and crime fiction conference with international guests, filled with workshops, panels and excursions. It takes place at Iðnó.

Unglist ( Young artist Festival)

The festival week is packed with a multitude of performers and spectators. The program consists of music, design, fashion, photography, paintings and theater. The festival elects current trends in young people´s art.


Lighting of the Reykjavik Christmas Tree

The lighting of the Reykjavik Christmas tree at Austurvöllur is always a joyous event on the first Sunday of the advent. Families gather to sing Christmas carols and join in the festivities, and the Icelandic Yule Lads make an appearance.

Advent and Christmas

The main day of celebration for Icelanders is Christmans Eve but the Christmas season starts late November when streets and buildings are adorned with Christmas lights and people start frequenting Christmas buffets. Shop for some unique gifts in Reykjavik city center, visit the quaint Christmas village in Hafnarfjörður town, check out the Christmas-themed museum exhibitions and explore the winter landscape around Reykjavik. On Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, you can enjoy a traditional Icelandic Christmas dinner at the restaurants in Reykjavik.

New Year´s Eve

Shops are open and visitors can dine at one of Reykjavik´s many restaurants, Join the celebrations by taking a New Years tour or by finding your own way to one of the city´s huge bonfires. At midnight, Icelanders set off a great amount of fireworks. Traditionally. It´s’s one of the year’s biggest parties and all the bars, pubs, music halls, clubs and entertainment establishments are open for business. The action doesn’t really start downtown until well after midnight, but party will still be jumping at 06:00

As you can see we have a full calender of events. There should be something for everyone.

I hope this information will help you plan your visit.

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